Could Wool Keep Me Cool?

Could Wool Keep Me Cool? That's the question. Since we have almost reached the middle of the spring and our feet are no longer freezing, one might ask, why wear wool shoes, when you could choose something lighter. There are flip flops and sandals, and many other options that seem much more suitable for warmer weather. 
I might agree with you on this one but let’s not rush yet.

We usually associate wool with cold winter and rainy autumn - when it comes to chilly weathers, we snuggle up in cozy blankets and sweaters or search for thick knitted socks, those lucky bastards that already have Felt Forma wool shoes shove their feet into organic wool slippers or felted wool boots. But do we really need to hide these woolen wonders in the farthest corner of the house once the sun comes out? Definitely not.

Felt Forma Blocking Color Felt Slipper

Wool is much more than just a provider of warmth
This natural fiber acts more like a thermostat than just a heater. Let me shortly explain it to you. 
Wool is exceptionally breathable. Due to its cone shaped fibers and tiny air pockets around each of them the heat circulates easily, coming towards or away from your skin, depending on its need. In case of keeping you cool, wool does not trap the heat inside but lets it through to the outside so all the excessive warmth that your body generates, naturally goes out. Even more, the hot weather from the outside does not get in because there is already enough warmth around each fiber absorbed from you body.

Handmade felt slippers for cold weather

The good proof of wool's cooling abilities comes from Bedouins, desert nomads that wear wool garments for hundreds of years all year round. Their bodies are fully covered in thin woolen fabrics, leaving only hands and faces open. At daytime such armor acts as a shade and when the cold dessert night falls, the process inverses – wool keeps them warmth. 

We might not live in a dessert conditions but there is no doubt that even the brightest day in the spring might transform to a chilly evening. Those sandals, that looked so tempting at noon, might be the reason you will rush home once the sun goes down. Consider extending your daytime fun outside to a homey evening by the kindling fire with friends by adding thin wool slippers with rubber soles to your wardrobe. 

Thermal regulation is just one of the many reasons why this would be a great choice. Endless styling options is another. 

The next blog post will be dedicated to this intriguing topic, from seasons trends, to color choices and matching silhouettes. Stay tuned to stay stylish!