Keeping Up With The Fashion Train SS'16

Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with what you bought. Usually fashionable item does not do for a missing or a lousy style, though a great style works wonders even if every single garment of your outfit comes back from the 90’s. You might already got my message – you don’t have to follow trends to look great. 
However adding some trendy pieces to an ensemble obviously brings freshness and newness which is always exciting. I don’t agitate you to go and storm the local malls but one or two new pieces could do good for your wardrobe. Here I separated only few that I myself find most appealing.

Dare to bare!

I will have to admit, this feminine and flirty trend to uncover the shoulders was always a staple of my style. Wide neckline - always the love of mine. This season, however, it would be great to push it a little bit further baring both shoulders at once or cutting holes on the sleeves. Don’t forget to switch a regular bra or bralette for something strapless, bondeau would do just fine. Usually I like straps peeking from a knit sweater or a loose hoodie, but this bare shoulder trend looks best when its clean.

FELT FORMA Women's Felted Clogs Warmest Love

FELT FORMA Women's Felted Clogs Warmest Love

The seductive queen of the vanity cabinet has not left the trend list from the last season. It came out from under the chunky sweaters and leather jackets and now is playing a saucy solo. You don’t have to go too crazy and get yourself a lingerie-like dress that no one could tell from a nightgown (in this case why would even bother searching for a dress, wear that nightgown), just find something light, silky and smooth, add some bolder accessories, maybe even a strong leather belt and work it. Once again, here you have to think about your undergarments since delicate fabrics tend to expose what’s needed and what’s not. If you choose a bralette, don’t go lacy, this could cheapen the whole look.

FELT FORMA Women's Felted Slippers Black Swan

FELT FORMA Women's Felted Slippers Black Swan

Urban and shimmering, who? Not the skyscraper – you!

Do you already have a glittery eye shadow? This might be enough to catch the trend (especially if its cobalt) but are you really so modest? Go grab yourself a sequined skirt, the shorter – the better, and rock the chunky hoodie that your boyfriend bought to himself. Seriously, you would shoot two runway rabbits at once – the urban and the shimmering vibes. If the skirt under the sweatshirt is short enough, add some heavy boots or shoes, and get the third rabbit for a price of one – the accentuating of the legs. See? I started with a single glittering piece of make up and I leave you with a whole head to toe trendy set.

Don’t cringe over fringe – wear it while you can!

The last, but not least (though I think its relevancy is on the tipping point already) on my trend list is fringe. The Coachella like spaghetti boots should rest until the next turn of the fashion, I guess, but some fringy details might work wonders on making any outfit more girly and fun. The fringe top under the denim jacket (denim is on the train as always, so don’t hesitate wearing it), the tasseled pouch or fringe earrings are still something worth trying. However it will have the most pizzazz if you choose only one fringe item at a time and keep your outfit hip by not adding other intensive details.