New Collection Snow Wool Boots Inspired NYC

New Collection of Snow Wool Boots - OPTIMISM NEW YORK 17. Shop the new luxury casual felt shoes, wool travel shoes, felted slippers and snow wool boots from FELT FORMA for urban adventures and great outdoors. With trendy rugged soles for outdoors. The New Collection Wool Shoes is inspired by New York: The City of Multiculturalism, Multi Colors and Optimism. 

Branches are slowly undressing for the winter leaving all the colors of the fall on the ground. Nature is preparing for the winter and so are we! FELT FORMA added some new designs to make your cold feet even more comfortable. Check this out!


"Traveling to New York this spring (2016) was one of the most exciting experiences I have ever had in my life. The beauty of multicultural city and the functionalism inspires me to create a new collection of sporty felt shoes/moccasins/boots that spreads the modern minimalism with vibrant and organic colors of wool", - says Dovile Sirmulyte, designer and founder at Felt Forma.
According the founder, the trendy jagged sole is the practical accent for their wool snow boots, wool shoes, wool travel shoes collection. 

The new collection of wool shoes features FELT FORMA signature hand pressed wool upper ant the rugged / jagged soles for outdoors for increased comfort, traction and durability. FELT FORMA felt shoes are handmade out of a single piece of molded felt. Wool felt feels both soft and warm on the feet and yet very light and breathable. 


We never doubted that autumn evenings are the coziest. Enjoying a great book by the rain covered window, indulging in a half liter cup of hot chocolate or covering yourself with bunch of blankets for a Netflix marathon. Yummm… 
But what if it’s not Saturday, what if you have some urgent business outside and must leave your warm fortress? Well, we at Felt Forma decided to help you make that trip as tolerable as possible. We created wool shoes with trendy serrated outdoor rubber soles.
Please note: the rubber sole in these images is not rugged sole, but we will fix the serrated / rugged  / edge soles on each pair in every order of women's felt shoes / wool boots.


Felt Forma received great reviews from happy customers, saying that the comfort and quality of our wool slippers are incomparable with any other slipper they had tried. Some say, that if you get a good result, you must continue doing what you’ve been doing all this time. However, we disagree. For us the highest step is still not the ceiling, so we continue to search for the ways to improve our product. 
Since there is not much room for improvisation when it comes to the body of the slipper, we decided to experiment with the sole instead. We’ve tried many things, from a layer of latex for home use, to a foamy sole for the outside. Everything worked in one way or another, but once the weather got nasty we realized that there is a need for something more heavy duty. 
To come up with these new winter boots we added a durable serrated rubber platform for women and more masculine lifted rubber sole for men. The sole is flexible to bring the maximum comfort to the feet and waterproof, to allow you forget about the puddles. Together with the soft and warm woolen body these winter boots became a perfect footwear for a cold weather.

Please note: we still haven't made much images with various colors. But if you want something special, custom colors, just drop us a line. And we will make color-blocking wool shoes, or plain color felt moccasins, or wool felt booties on your request. You are welcome!


When you find perfect jeans you should buy 3 pairs at once because most likely they will not stay in the store for the next year. We ensure that the thing you’ve bought two years ago in our store will still be here after a long time waiting for you. Even those new designs that we just introduced keeps the perfect feel and qualities of our beloved wool slippers. 
For a change try ditching the socks and you will receive a relaxing massage from those cuddly little wool fibers! Warm and soft, repelling moisture, and fully adapting to your feet like a natural memory foam. These qualities are here to stay forever since Felt Forma uses only the natural fiber – chemically untreated, organic wool. When the best materials are combined with honest work and devotion for the product, the best result is achieved!


There is one more thing we kept and are not going to change – it’s the ability to customize. The customization of the width and the length of the shoe is a no-brainer, but you can do more. Choose the colors, choose the height or the cut of the top – the way your feet will look is up to you. And no, we are not trying to leave all the work to you, if you are too busy with other things (which is most likely true) then choose from the designs of the winter boots and felt shoes that we have to offer.

Check out our FELT FORMA Online store, choose from a wide variety of wool slippers and our new felt shoes with outdoor fashion rugged style rubber soles. We promise, your feet will be happy!


Shop the new casual urban and exclusively Handmade for You: Organic Wool Shoes, Wool Boots, Woolen Slippers, Felt Clogs with Serrated Soles for Outdoors at FELT FORMA. 
The design behind the Felt Forma is a combination of clean lines and vibrant colors that create a very unique and contemporary design. 
The main difference between FELT FORMA felt shoes and other kinds of shoes is the countless customization options!
You can either choose the standard options or products customized just for you: mix and match colors, make your way color blocking sets, design felt shoes and wool boots.