The Coolest Wool Shoes for Lands Downunders Right Now

It is down under and it is upside down as well. It’s Fall in Australia today! 

April is the second month of Spring. It makes so much sense once you notice first blooming snowflakes (those tiny white flowers that look like fragile bells) to say that the nature is waking up. However, Australia is a different story. It is an absolutely opposite story to be exact. 
April is the second month of Autumn in Australia. 
While villages are full of yellow daffodils, Australian parks and woods at the same time become bright yellow from golden trees. The weather is mild, not as cold and windy as it is in fall, however it still is a fall and as every other fall it requires a wardrobe adjusting.

The Coolest Wool Shoes

Things that suddenly become loved again, once the Fall falls

When the calendar page turns to March first (or September first for me and other Lithuanians) most of us unconsciously open our “winter stashes”. All the cozy cardigans, scarves and ponchos are out ready to hit the street. What covers the shoulders is up to you and your sense of style, but what covers your feet depends on many more things. Comfort and warmth should be the primal factors when choosing footwear, because warm feet equals warm body (or at least this is what my grandparents, parents and all the others I have ever talked to used to say).
What solves both these fall footwear problems without taking from style and uniqueness? FELT FORMA and their beautiful felted wool boots definitely.

Wool boots? 

I have already talked about cooling abilities of wool and now, I think I should say something about its amazing work when keeping you warm but not this time, since nothing will ever be a better proof of it than a consistent and forever repeated grandmother’s wisdom – put on woolen socks, it’ll keep you warm. No one ever questions this truth and most likely no one ever will, because it never disappointed – once the wool is on, the heat stays, thanks to those already mentioned cone-shaped fibers and air pockets around each of them. 
Felt Forma uses this great organic material to create perfect organic wool slippers and felted wool boots. Nothing else is added to woolen body, so it can do its job without any interruption, only natural processes of generating warmth are taking place. The sole is the only non woolen material, but it is necessary to keep the boot elevated from the ground so that the wearer is able to wander outside without a hesitation. 

The real Downunderer

The shoe without a sole is soulless (got that?:D). Despite being down under the feet colorful Felt Forma soles have a lot of character.

Rubber soles not only protect the boot from the ground and all that lays on it, it also makes a beautiful detail, vivid yet minimalist element bringing more character, uniqueness and contrast to the footwear. You can go head to toe black, yet the bright aqua green sole will be popping each time you raise your foot, wear stripes and use the same color duo for the woolen boots, go bold with the sole matching the body of the shoe. The possibilities are endless!

Warm, comfortable, organic and stylish. Is there anything else that makes a great shoe? I bet if there is Felt Forma will make sure to fulfill. Let’s keep in touch for fashion trend reports!