Scare Them With Your Costume. Charm Them With Your Valenki Boots!

Sometimes when you get too busy working preparing for the festival does not seem to have much importance. However a big mistake is to forget a time to relax and celebrate. Felt Forma doesn't miss this chance – we are not only preparing for the holiday ourselves, we are also devoted to help you with some preparations. We might not be the best advisers when it comes to pumpkin pie recipe, but we are definitely great if you need help choosing Halloween gifts.

Leave Boring Gifts For Boring People

You can always pack a bag of sweets and everyone (especially the dentist ;) will be happy with it. You can buy candles and bath salts, recipe books and kitchen towels, the overused list of Halloween gifts is endless but Felt Forma - custom made wool footwear studio can offer something that will make you stand out from the crowd and not look like you just grabbed a last minutes offer.
Custom made pumpkin wool slippers is a stylish, useful and season reflecting present.
If those you love always complain about cold feet then there is no better gift than Halloween slippers. Bright like a pumpkin wool slippers will warm a huge sasquatch sized foot and tiny children feet equally well. What can be better than a cozy trick-or-treating „after-party“ with little feet resting in soft like a cloud and bright orange felt shoes watching „Hocus Pocus“ and enjoying the trick-or-treating game. 
When the candies are long gone and all the spooky magic disappears Halloween slippers like loyal puppies will stay on to keep their two little masters warm and happy.

 Outdoor Soles For Wicked Souls

To push the gift game even further go for warm winter boots with an outdoor rubber sole (New Collection - OPTIMISM NEW YORK 17). Anyone who has a thing for a minimalist design and style will be grateful for such a gift. However the chicness is not the only great thing about these boots. The durable rubber sole makes them perfect for a windy and cold autumn weather. The sole is also waterproof and flexible, to make sure that any one whose feet rest in our winter boots is happy. 
Just think of a color that matches your friends or family members favorite outfit and ask Felt Forma woolen boots in that shade. Felt Forma studio have a lot of color shades of wool to mix and match your style and individuality.

The Costume Goes The Footwear Stays

If you are searching for Halloween costume ideas you will find what to wear in a blink of an eye compared to finding what to cover your feet with. There are many online stores offering head to ...ankle costumes. Hats and wigs, scarves and capes, even socks are included, but the footwear is often forgotten. 
The great shoe makes an ok outfit great, the wrong shoe makes the best costume a so so costume. Felt Forma does not bring you many Halloween costume ideas but the customizability of our woolen slippers and boots makes our products fit any costume you can think of.

Plain orange felt shoes will make a great footwear for a little mr. Pumpkin, a high ankle unevenly finished green or black slippers will become perfect Halloween slippers for a witch or a zombie. (Felt Forma studio can make the felt shoes on request with your color combinations).

Imagine anything and we will do our best to bring your creation to life. Or get something we already offer in our store and customize it yourself with a needle and a thread. You might want to try adding some glitter or sewing on beads to form a web-like pattern, your imagination is the only limit here. Don‘t let the cold feet to ruin the hot party!

Happy Halloween!