Add Color to Your Foot: Replace Your Usual Slippers

Add Color to Your Foot: Replace Your Usual Slippers with Handmade to Order FELT FORMA Wool Felted Slippers. Custom made felted slippers are for natural and modern lifestyle lovers. For those who want to bring more colors and joy into their daily routines. For dynamic, creative and a brave personalities.

A pair of FELT FORMA slippers simply adds colour, comfort and and character to your house shoes. And just like your favorite pair of house shoes, they complete the look. Finally – a mixable contrast color rubber sole and customized color of felt slippers get the attention they deserve!

All wool shoes and felted slippers are made from 100% wool.

Benefits of FELT FORMA Felted Slippers:
Organic wool allows your feet to be in balanced temperature (not too cold, not too hot), but dry and breathing. Wool adapts to your foot line, and you always feel comfortable. There even is no need to wear socks. It is especially comfortable to wear them on your bare feet. Your feet don’t sweat, unlike when you wear house shoes made of fleece or other synthetic slippers.The bespoke felted slippers feel like your second skin and you do not want to take them off.

And don't be surprised by answering the question "Where did you get these?" hundreds of times a day.

FELT FORMA wool felted slippers could be worn indoors and even outdoors if the weather permits it. The sole of the felted slippers is not slippery, so you just have to avoid wet snow and rain of course. 
Only one thing you must to do in order to get felted slippers that fits perfect - measure you foot length. FELT FORMA has a lot of colors of wool and we can make a wool house shoes in any color shade almost. Please ask us, please contact.



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