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Scare Them With Your Costume. Charm Them With Your Valenki Boots!

This is the Season of Pumpkin Spice Latte and Pumpkin Spice everything. Few weeks till Halloween consist of nothing else but cinnamon and orange color. FELT FORMA handmade wool shoes studio caught the vibe. Pumpkin obsessed felt shoes and Valenki wool boots are covered in orange shades now. Check the Halloween Inspired Wool Boots with Outdoor Soles for Wicked Souls!

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New Collection Snow Wool Boots Inspired NYC

Shop the New Collection of Wool Shoes OPTIMISM NEW YORK 17 - the casual snow wool boots and shoes handmade by FELT FORMA for urban adventures and great outdoors. To come up with these new winter snow wool boots we added a durable trendy and practical rugged sole for women and more masculine lifted rubber sole for men. The New Collection of FELT FORMA Wool Shoes is inspired by New York: The City of Multiculturalism, Multi Colors and Optimism. 

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Keeping Up With The Fashion Train SS'16

How to use the SS’16 trends together with Felt Forma wool shoes? 
You might already got my message – you don’t have to follow trends to look great. However adding some trendy pieces to an ensemble obviously brings freshness and newness which is always exciting. I don’t agitate you to go and storm the local malls but one or two new pieces could do good for your wardrobe. Here I separated only few that I myself find most appealing. Do you already have a glittery eye shadow?

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The Coolest Wool Shoes for Lands Downunders Right Now

It is down under and it is upside down as well. It’s Fall in Australia today! While our city squares are full of yellow daffodils, Australian parks and woods at the same time become bright yellow from golden trees. However it still is a fall and as every other fall it requires a wardrobe adjusting. What solves both these fall footwear problems without taking from style and uniqueness?

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