Dovile Sirmulyte, Founder / Designer at FELT FORMA

Dovile Sirmulyte, Founder / Designer at FELT FORMA

Hi! My name is Dovile. I'm in love with shoes. I am in love with natural wool shoes. Have you ever heard about them?

I met wool 7 years ago after a little conversation with my Dad. My Dad remembers his childhood when he wore warm wool boots, made by his grandmother. My Dad’s stories touched my heart and opened my eyes. 

I have decided to modernize the old fashioned wool shoes and to create a completely different, stylish and colorful collection with a CUSTOMIZATION OPTION. 
Have you ever heard a saying “every big journey begins with a single step"?

Felt Forma wool shoes look much different from those ancient ones or those made by my grand-grandmother. Here, Traditions meets Modern. Our team are interested in new trends, fashion colors, and in making innovations. We have a very high priority on quality.

The design behind the brand FELT FORMA is the combination of clean lines and vibrant colours that together create a very unique and contemporary design of Wool Shoes, Felted Slippers and Wool Boots. 

Here at FELT FORMA we sincerely hope that you'll like our designs.


FELT FORMA goal is to keep the traditional hand felting techique.


The Idea

The wool shoes is a product with a great story behind. It combines the ancient heritage, love and patience with a modern twist. We combine the ancient heritage with the contemporary style.
Our collection is stylish, colorful and with a CUSTOMIZATION OPTION. You can choose from wool color, rubber soles colors and wool shoe style.

The Quality

The wool shoes, felted slippers and wool boots  are made using the highest quality natural and Eco-friendly European mountain sheep wool. It is not mass production.  We take control on every step. Your feet deserve to feel comfortable, warm and healthy every day. 
We do our best to provide quality pieces and good service.

100% Handmade 

The wool shoes making process is slow because these wool shoes are handmade. Imagine how happy you would be to receive the wool shoes that are hand felted by our team, professional local masters who LOVE what they do. 
It takes 8 hours to make wool shoes, 2 days to dry and finally to glue and sew the rubber soles. 


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