7 Best Wool Travel Shoes For Your Comfortable Journey

What’s a seasoned world traveler without the perfect pair of wool shoes? Only the natural felt shoes are perfect for your comfortable journey. Quick run to the kitchen for some snacks or a long stroll in a park – whatever your journey is, it’s better be made in a comfortable wool footwear. FELT FORMA wool shoes are also great for a comfortable trip by the plane, running around with your dog or even exploring the virtual reality through the computer screen. Find the 7 color blocking handmade specially for you, according your feet measurements wool travel shoes that are perfect for these days as well. 

Step by Step Around the Globe

Have you ever heard a saying “every big journey starts from a single step”? Most likely you have and in many different situations. Believe it or not but someone took the time to count the distance an average 80 years old person walks in their lifetime. This sounds crazy but the answer is almost five times around the equator. 
We love those stories about the adventures, but do we remember those loyal servants that bring us to the action? Do we take care to mention our feet? At FELT FORMA we custom hand-make wool shoes and we remember your feet not only when they are painful. You know what? We remember them always that is why your feet is never painful! The secret? You know the secret…It’s our travel friendly natural wool shoes made of organic wool.



Wear Handmade Wool Shoes ...and the Magic Happens

I am crazy about shoes! My dresser is full of hundreds of different pairs so I know that even the famous brands and high quality seams do not guarantee the complete comfort. Not because the shoes are somehow bad, but because every foot is different. This is where our lightweight felt shoes win! FELT FORMA felted slippers are that comfortable because shoe felting is not complete until the customer puts it on. The magic happens when, after wearing those felt travel shoes for several minutes, affected by the body temperature and the pressure from an individual foot the wool starts to mold around it, shaping those wool travel shoes to a perfect custom cocoon for your individual need. 
When the felted slippers embrace the toes and heels with just enough (and never too much) tightness and the soft fibers touches the skin there is no place for soreness left.

Perfect For Playing In Snowbanks And Sand Dunes

Lets get back to the “five times around the globe” story. Can you imagine how many interesting things must have happened while walking that distance? Can you imagine how smooth all this journey would have been if it was made while in travel friendly wool shoes? So suitable for an adventure felted slippers and wool boots made in FELT FORMA studio would be perfect for a long trip. Especially now, that we have added a durable and waterproof rubber soles and made snow proof wool boots. Now every pair of our handmade winter felt boots is suitable for any weather and any situation. Go to an adventure wool boots will definitely help your feet feel great and stay healthy forever!


Don't Forget To Drink Healthy Smoothie And Enjoy A Daily Dose Of  Wool

Even though every adventure is remembered and talked about, none the less important is our daily life. Wear these wool shoes from dusk till dawn, the comfort level will be so high that you will not want to take them off ever again. No matter the length of the journey or the distance to the destination you will be happy with this soft dose of wool.

They are lightweight and have no clasps or laces so just slip in and enjoy every single step made while wearing them. You don’t need to have an adventure wool boots are great for everyday too. Walk the dog or go for the mail, hike in a park or walk around the office, these wool travel shoes will make your days softer and happier since you won’t have to worry about the aching or cold feet anymore.

When feet are happy the head is free and works become easier to do. Take your time to browse FELT FORMA online store to find the wool shoes just for you.